Bringing people back on track

bringing people back on track

"Letting go (LO) "regeneration" (REN) and "holistic health" (GA) – the lorenga method. The lorenga-method, developed by loretta steinhauser, is a unique, multimodal preventive private or professional health challenge to stay healthy. This is what it says in the official flyer for the lorenga trainer course. In simple terms, lorenga is a relaxation method that can help people who have fallen or are in danger of falling into a difficult situation as a result of a so-called life trap. This can include caring for a hyperactive child as well as working with relatives in need of care, a cancer diagnosis, stress at work, divorce or bereavement.

After a training period of 17 months, which is part-time and takes place once a month on a saturday (eight hours each), the trainees were allowed to call themselves "lorenga trainer level 1" name. In a total of 240 training sessions, the participants learned and internalized the four pillars of the lorenga method. "Music", "aromaole", "hydrotherapy" and "touching" is the foundation of lorenga. Through their harmonious interaction all organ systems are stimulated on different frequencies. This triggers a deep state of relaxation in the client.

S.oliver baskets: dress rehearsal against usk prague

S.oliver baskets: dress rehearsal against usk prague

At 7 p.M., the basketball players from the czech capital will be in the s.Oliver arena as a guest.

After the second place at the tournament in bayreuth, head coach marcel schroder gave his boys two days off to recharge their batteries before the start of the season. "We have a number of injured players, so it makes sense to take a deep breath for two days after the long and intensive preparation, schroder said. After center chris mcnaughton, guards john little and maurice stuckey also suffered minor injuries last weekend .

“Haven’t seen five players over 100 kilos yet!”

Coburg A-class team SV heubach (5./40) lags behind its season goal. Because the club is still six or seven points away from a promotion spot. Player-coach markus winkelmann commented on the situation of the SVH.

Mr. Winkelmann, 5th place after 19 matchdays – the situation of SV heubach must not have satisfied you. How do you assess the league situation??

Reinhold oztelberger and albert dorn leave spd city council faction forchheim – social democrats reject accusations

Reinhold oztelberger and albert dorn leave spd city council faction forchheim - social democrats reject accusations

Reinhold otzelberger leaves the SPD city council faction forchheim with immediate effect, he announced on wednesday. At the same time, he ends his membership in the SPD. On the same day came the second bad news for the social democrats of forchheim: also city councillor albert dorn resigns from the SPD-fraction. The faction chairman reiner buttner considers the partly sharp accusations incomprehensible. The SPD local association forchheim and oberburg mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD) have also reacted to the resignations.

Otzelberger wants to continue as a non-partisan city councilor for the time being. However, he aspires to participate in another parliamentary group.

Small stones, big passion

Small stones, big passion

Mayor norbert tessmer opened the new special exhibition "small stones – great passion" opened in the coburg doll museum. Until the 1. March 2020 the association "bricking bavaria" shows impressive creations of his members from thousands of lego® bricks. Michaela herrmann, spokeswoman for the association, explained in her introduction what makes the bricks so fascinating for adults: "i still remember the detergent drum at my grandmother’s house, which was filled with the colorful bricks and promised a lot of fun. Many children got rough with the lego brick and many of the small ones became rough adult fans.

Models made of lego bricks, which have been designed and built by the exhibitors themselves, can be admired in the exhibition. The rough model, the "riff of heartlake city, is almost three meters long and consists of around 60,000 bricks. In addition, a dinoland, a spaceship, a rough dragon knight’s castle, a ninja scene and the christmas market inspire with their richness of detail. "Because there is so much to discover in every display case, it is worth taking a long, hard look. Then also the questions of the lego quiz can be solved, with which one can find out, since when the popular building blocks actually exist", museum director christine spiller is pleased about the special exhibition.

Franconian switzerland: local councils get a first-hand impression

Franconian switzerland: local councils get a first-hand impression

The weilersbach town council held a rolling meeting to find out, among other things, about the status of modernization work on the school and gymnasium. The engineer matthias stelzl from the planning office schultes from grafenwohr explained the progress of the renovation to the municipal council on site. In addition, the committee took a look at the water house and the individual high keepers, the parking lot at the vexier chapel, the playground in reifenberg, the land around the fire station and informed itself about the construction progress of the clubhouses as well as the bike park and about the modernization measures at the sports ground. The community of weilersbach invests in education. The council unanimously approved further renovation measures at the elementary school. Nicole hager as a new member of the municipal council found the on-site council meeting very good. "This way we can visualize exactly what we are talking about and make much better decisions", said hager, and the newly elected members of the council agree with her. Extensive interior and exterior energy renovation costs around 2.5 million euros. Matthias stelzl presented the renovation plans for the school building and gymnasium. The school’s roof also houses the gymnasium and the lunchtime supervision center. The elementary school has four classes. 64 children from the first to the fourth grade are taught by four teachers in the four classrooms. There is also a lunchtime supervision service after school hours. "The school is undergoing extensive energy renovation", said mayor marco friepes (CSU/AB). The old oil-fired heating system has been replaced by a modern pellet-fired heating system that is highly efficient and meets the strictest emission limits. The former tank room is now used as a storage room for five to seven tons of pellets. The cost of the new heating system is around 100,000 euros.

Schoolchildren decide on color

The exterior facade will receive a new coat of paint. The color of the school was left up to the students to decide. "For this purpose, the students received a sketch of the school, which they colored with their own facade color and gave to the architect", reported principal sigrid noth-nix.

The plarrer begins on easter saturday

The plarrer begins on easter saturday

The fact that the 2012 spring plarrer begins on an easter saturday, i.E. On a so-called silent holiday, has already drawn criticism, but according to the city of bamberg it cannot be avoided. "Traditionally the plarrer starts on friday. Out of consideration for good friday, which is subject to particularly strict regulations such as a ban on music and sports, the city has decided to shorten the spring break by one day and not let it begin until tuesday," explains the 21-year-old, explains steffen schutzwohl, press spokesman for the city of bamberg. There are legal requirements, but the city has the authority to grant an exemption in individual cases for important reasons. In addition, the nurnberger volksfest regularly begins on karsamstag, without a landesgartenschau being held there.

The plarrer takes place from 7. April up to and including sunday, 22. April, instead of. It is open daily from 14 o’clock, on saturdays and sundays already from 13 o’clock. Every wednesday, more precisely on 11. And 18. April, the familiar family afternoons will take place: with half-price tickets and special offers at all venues.
The bamberger plarrer has two special features this year: because of the state horticultural show, it was brought forward four weeks this year. At the usual plarrer time in may, the folk festival square at breitenau is used as a parking lot. The spring fair at maxplatz starts as usual at the beginning of may.

A plea for local agricultural products

A plea for local agricultural products

"When the 45. District harvest festival of the bavarian farmers’ association takes place within the framework of the harvest festival and kurbisfest, then it is a sign of the connection to the muggendorfer heimatfest", said wiesenttal’s mayor helmut taut (W) at the funeral in the packed marquee. Taut thanked the participants in the procession, which he said was longer than ever before. He also thanked the associations of muggendorf for organizing the three-day event. The upper franconian district president of the bavarian farmers association (BBV) and forchheim district chairman hermann greif hit the same note: "it was a superlative pageant." The bavarian farmers’ association feels at home in beautiful muggendorf. About the dry year 2018, greif said, "even though it’s a little less this year, we still have to be grateful." This also applies to the politicians who are committed to the marketing of regional products. It is a good tradition to celebrate harvest festival. But do the people really still want to be thanked??, asked grab. The supermarket shelves are full to the brim. But consumers should also ask themselves where the products came from. It is necessary to demand a return of the consumers to the domestic products. "We must not forget our rural agriculture", reminded hermann greif.

Cultural landscape

" Agriculture and preservation of the cultural landscape are in harmony. Agriculture of today and tomorrow is therefore committed to the preservation of the schopfung", said stefan kohler. As president of the BBV district of lower franconia, he gave the keynote speech. "We still need farmers to preserve the countryside and enrich our society. Farmers need planning security to be able to solve the problems of the future", he continued. This requires less bureaucracy and more objectivity. After all, around 85 percent of the food on offer here came from germany. Rosi kraus, a district farmer, gave the closing speech at the one-and-a-half-hour rally: "if customers want food from the region, we farmers will take care of it."

Floods: thw and fire department help in hesselberg

floods: thw and fire department help in hesselberg

The residents of neuhauser strabe in hesselberg have been eagerly watching the level of the mohrbach, which flows south around their village, for about a day now. Since the rain spillway next to the loschteich as an outlet of the canal is flooded, water threatens to print into the cellars of the 20 or so houses in the street. One family has already had to pump water out of their house. Hesselberg fire department commander christian kestler saw this as a warning signal and contacted burgermeister horst rehder. He didn’t wait long and asked the technical relief organization (THW) in baiersdorf for assistance. And kestler organized even more helpers. On saturday evening, the residents of hesselberg finally saw a smoothly functioning cooperation of various rescue forces and volunteers.

The truck driver bernd schacher from the trucking company schickert from dechsendorf had delivered about seven cubic meters of sand. Schacher, together with about ten members of the hesselberg volunteer fire department, loaded the sand into so-called big bags, sandbags with a capacity of about 900 liters each. THW staff then maneuvered the bags into the creek with a unimog crane to divert the water masses from the canal overflow. So a so-called pump sump was created inside the sealed area by the sandbags, as explained by THW operations manager michael haas. Here the high-performance pumps of the fire departments from ober- mittel- and untermembach and hebdorf, which were also jerked up, could be used. Under the expert supervision of the two municipal workers in the water department erwin balsam and klaus friedl, an attempt was made to relieve the canal and pump water into the creek. After about two hours, the first successes could be seen.

Surrealism meets orientalism in forchheim

surrealism meets orientalism in forchheim

Nine years in africa, they have influenced till dehrmann. He spent his youth in morocco. And his passion for painting, which the physicist never lost sight of, is dedicated exclusively to one subject: contemporary orientalism. A "contribution to the understanding of the people" dehrmann liked to achieve with his art. For him, it is annoying when the media reduce the orient to a theater of war. And also the orientalism in the painting of the 19. The nineteenth-century cliches were largely served.

Dehrmann, an oriental painter, contrasts all this with impressions that depict people and their everyday lives as realistically as possible. He shows, for example, tea preparation, chatting by the sea, the beach of casablanca or – in one of his favorite pictures: moroccan women walking along the beach.